Monday, 5 November 2012

RMAN-08512: waiting for snapshot controlfile enqueue

RMAN-08512 error genrally will occur when snapshot control file header is locked by one process and the other processes is requesting the enqueue.

For example if you have multiple RMAN Backup Jobs and you trying to run the jobs parrallely on same database with two different RMAN session then this kind of error may occur.

To investigate if multiple RMAN clients are running or not Please use the below query.


SELECT s.sid, username AS "User", program, module, action, logon_time "Logon", l.*
FROM v$session s, v$enqueue_lock l
WHERE l.sid=s.sid and l.type='CF' AND l.id1=0 and l.id2=2;


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1 comment:

  1. that script is helpful for findign session in DB
    based on my experience.
    1) clean up the DB session related to RMAN
    2) clean up OS level idle process related to RMAN which may still have lock on the file you are going to backup
    Hank S.